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7th March, 2018



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Picrastination is a logic-based puzzle game where the aim is to solve numerical clues to reveal pictures. Each puzzle also contains a cultural reference, a joke, or a pun for added enjoyment. The main game contains over 175 puzzles in a range of sizes and difficulties for a varied challenge. There are also 2 super-replayable procedurally-generated game modes, a selection of larger "mosaic" puzzles, and a few fun hidden extras to unlock too. The game also features a large range of different colour schemes and audio themes, which are unlocked by completing specific puzzles (and meeting other goals) allowing the game to be customised to your own tastes.


Picrastination came about whilst I was working on other projects, all of which had major issues to solve - be it technical or artistic. I wanted something easy to work on - something where I thought I knew all the answers. I was playing a (fairly poor) Picross game at the time, and that seemded to fit the bill - a game I love, with no tricky problems to solve (or so I thought). It was really quick to get the basics up and running, but I really wasn't planning on releasing it at first - it was just something to dabble with. Then I had the idea of adding captions to the pictures - something funny, or familiar, or surprising - and that piqued my interest. So I stuck at it, and soon decided that I'd make this my main focus. So here we are. (I was wrong about knowing all the answers - getting the clues to work the way they do is the single hardest problem I've ever had to solve (and very literally took me months), but I was too far in at that point to back down.)


  • Over 175 puzzles to solve
  • 2 super-replayable procedurally-generated game modes
  • Several large "mosaic" puzzles
  • A mercifully-short, fun tutorial to teach the basics
  • Customise the game with unlockable colour schemes and audio themes
  • un hidden extras to discover


Picrastination Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (666KB)


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About Bearcat Games

Bearcat Games is a one-man indie game studio consisting of Mark Neesam - a games industry veteran of 20-something years - who is now looking to do their own thing. I want to make games that I'd like to play. Hopefully fun, funny, smart, charming, and with a bit of style and swagger, wherever possible.

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Picrastination Credits

Mark Neesam
Code, Art, Design, Audio


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