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A Vicious Circle is a free, simple, spiteful, very-short-session score-attack arcade game written in super-quick time for a competition a while ago.

Features utterly kick-ass music by Empire of the Claw, by kind permission.
Avoid the red enemies, and eat the small green plankton to grow.

After 5 plankton have been scoffed you can enter Rage mode and turn the tables on the enemy.

However the more plankton you eat before Raging the higher the multiplier gets.

Raging clears away most of the growth you gained, but not all - you're always growing...
The game features a bonus mode called Facemelter. It's the same game but just picks a new random eye-watering colour-scheme from a selection for each phase of the game.

If flashing colours do bad things to you then you really want to stay away from this one.
The game may seem a little brutal, but if you stick at it you might find you surprise yourself. To that end I've included a bunch of achievements (Cheevos) to give players something to aim at.
Click here to download A Vicious Circle for Windows
The game uses XNA - click here to get the required XNA runtime files (opens in new tab/window).
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